#100 Pat Simmons Haiku, HI
1928 Harley Davidson
Hi, Iím Pat Simmons #100 from Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. This year Iíll be riding my 1928 Harley JD. My wife Cris, and I are doing this together again. This will be her 4th time, and my 3rd. We always look forward to The Cannonball, and reconnecting with our many friends, and the open road. This is truly the only event of itís kind that lets us ride this kind of distance on an old motorcycle, have the confidence to feel we have done as much preparation as we can, and know that we have the kind of back-up, and support that we will need as we traverse this beautiful country. Bless Lonnie Isam for his wonderful idea, (a true visionary), and Jason Sims, and his great team for continuing the adventure. I unfortunately canít finish the whole ride. I have to jump off about halfway across due to prior job commitments, but I will enjoy each, and every mile that Iím able to complete. I wish all of you riders a safe, and fulfilling journey. Even though I wonít be there for the entire ride, Iíll be with you in spirit, all the way to Portland.

Go Cannonballers!

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