#27 Pete LeClair Windsor, CO
1928 Harley Davidson
Motorcycling for me began in my early teens riding dirt bikes off road in my hometown of Hampden, Maine. When I was 16 I obtained my motorcycle endorsement on a Honda 125. It was a borrowed bike that I got a opportunity to ride from time to time. Next came college followed my work and a family. My motorcycle riding was on hold for all of those years until I ordered my first new Harley Davidson in 1997 and obtained a new motorcycle endorsement. My new 1998 Dyna Glide was delivered in June, 1998 and I was hooked. I was obsessed with riding all I could and customizing the bike as time and money permitted. The Colorado winters were especially a good time for working on the bike and it was often too cold and snowy for riding. Many more Harleys followed along with meeting more and more riders who became close friends. Many of my vacations were spent riding and attending rallies. The rides kept getting longer as well. My riding has included two (2) Iron Butt rides, one documented and one undocumented.

My excitement for the antique motorcycles and the Motorcycle Cannonball began during the 2016 Cannonball. I was following the Cannonball on social media and decided to join it for a day as it traveled thru Colorado. I stayed at one of the host hotels in Pueblo, CO and marveled at the crews working late into the night. The next day I followed the riders from Pueblo to Durango, CO which included two mountain passes. I was hooked. I was determined to participate in 2018. I immediately began learning more about antique bikes and the Motorcycle Cannonball. In January, 2017 I was accepted as a rider for the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball. I was ecstatic! Now I needed a bike. The January, 2018 Mecum Motorcycle cured that issue with the purchase of a 1922 Harley Davidson Model F. With the expert help of the local antique motorcycle expert and new friend, I began preparing the 22 for the Cannonball. Before getting too far along on preparing the 22, I received a call about purchasing a 1928 Harley Davidson Model JD. This bike had previously run in the Motorcycle Cannonball and was essentially ready to go. Long story short, the 28 was purchased and thatís what I will be riding in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball.

Since acquiring the 28 Iíve been busy making minor improvements to the bike along with putting some miles on it. I canít wait for warmer weather so I can continue getting comfortable on the 28.

I canít thank Jason Sims enough for encouraging me to enter the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball and for picking me as one of the riders.

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