#49 Mark Shaw Cape Town, South Africa
1927 Indian Ace
My journey started when as a kid I was told by my dad that I would never be allowed to ride or own a motorbike, this made sneaking out and stealing rides on any bike I could lay my hands on even more exiting and the hidings I got only added fuel to an already burning fire to get out and hit the road on two wheels.

Growing up in what was then Rhodesia, with sanctions stopping any new machines coming in we made do with whatever we could get our hands on which were mainly late 40's and early 50's machines. My first bike that I bought from the first three months wages that I earned was a 1947 Triumph rigid frame 350cc twin.

We were all what we termed "bush mechanics" not having any real mechanical knowledge and very little money ( buying petrol was more important than buying oil) we somehow learned to ride these old machines and fix them on the side of the road so that we could get home.

Fast forward to about 15 years ago when I started riding 50's and 60's machines again when I discovered and rode a friends Indian.
Wham, it was love at first bite! and I have since collected and built up a few but when I got hold of the Ace project and started on it I realized that it was beyond my capabilities to do this one the way it deserved and got Mark Hill at 4th Coast Fours involved in finishing it.

Cannonball for me is a dream that has slowly grown from, I wonder if I would be able to make it, to everything over the last 18 months being focused on one outcome only, getting to Portland, Oregon 16 days after leaving Portland Maine on my Ace.

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