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#104 Bret Yeager

Aptos, CA

1928 Indian 101

My story is simple like me…

I’ve collected and hunted old junk my whole life and like most people, I followed cannonball from a distance, but never thought I would be a part if it. I always thought it was a rich mans sport and not for us working stiffs.

Well, after being fortunate enough to get know Doug Feinsod, he asked me to help build a couple bikes for the 2016 Cannonball. Truth is, he helped me more then I helped him (with those builds) and made it possible for me to do it at all.

Shortly after the 2016 Cannonball had ended I told a few people I was serious about in building a pre-16 bike and trying to do the 2018 cannonball, but it had to be on a single cylinder. Lucky for me, Alex Trepanier found a pile of ‘14 HD parts that fit me perfectly and my best friend (and wife) Angee helped push me in the right direction. I wouldn’t have got the ‘14 or even tried to enter in 2018 without her helping me.

I started building in Oct 2016 and like all builds had multiple issues and learning a lot along the way. While building and finally getting it done, it allowed me to meet so many great people that are also passionate about antique motorcycles and have helped me in so many ways.

We are ready to take on 2020 and have started thinking about what could be possible for the 2022, if I’m lucky enough to do that also.