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#154 David Lloyd

Olive Branch, MS

1919 Harley-Davidson F

Hello Again!!! As I reflect on the awesome opportunity to ride again in the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball run, many fun memories flush into my mind. As a rookie rider with team Carson Classic Motors in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball run, I considered that ride larger than any bucket list I could have ever imagined. It was notably called “Trip of a Lifetime” on my blog . I still consider it one of the Greatest motorcycle achievements in my entire life. It would be easy to check that event off and move on to other things. Buy every rider who has ever done the Motorcycle Cannonball run will agree with this statement! Once you have traveled coast to coast, holding a pair of antique handlebars, it’s in your blood and I doubt you ever forget it! I saw the 2020 scheduled route, from Sault Ste Marie, Michigan to Brownsville Texas, and immediately knew I wanted to ride again!

 My Name is David Lloyd, from Olive Branch, Mississippi. I will be riding my trust-worthy 1919 Harley Davidson J model named “Lisa”. That motorcycle performed near perfectly in 2014, except on day 10 when I had 2 flat tires within 2 hours. That put me on the rescue trailer for 80 miles. Other than that day, it performed flawlessly. I am looking forward to re-joining the CB group for another epic adventure of cross-country travel. This year, Sonja (my wife) will join my team and be the crew-chief.

One of my training tips for 2014, was spending 11 months driving my personal vehicle with a leather motorcycle seat mounted in the driver’s seat. YES, I will do that again for 2020!! It Works!

1919 “Lisa” will take on a new number (#) and a complete transformation for the 2020 event. She will always be a Cannonball Motorcycle, and never a trailer queen!

Some may remember at the end of the 2014 event, 4 Cannonball motorcycles and tons of parts, tools and gear, including 2 spare engines were stolen from the CCM Team. Thankfully, the motorcycles were recovered but not everything. My motorcycle was one of those. I am happy to report that 4 years later, I was reconnected with the original 1919 spare motor!

See you there!!

David & Sonja Lloyd