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#20 Denis Sharon

New Milford, CT

1916 Harley-Davidson F

Team Two Tired is not too tired to embark on our 4th Motorcycle Cannonball. The combination of physical and mechanical challenge, the camaraderie and the idea of crossing America on back roads at 45 mph on an antique motorcycle is just too hard to resist.

Team Two Tired is comprised of my wife Beau, who is Vice President of Operations, Crew Chief, and overall morale booster and our dog, Marty (Director of Public Relations) and me. I’ll be riding a 1916 Harley Davidson 16F and, if history is any indication, we’ll have a fabulous time despite the inevitable – and abundant – fatigue and frustration that come absolutely free on the Motorcycle Cannonball.

We are pleased that we will once again teaming up (to spread the agony) with our good friend Jeff McAllister who will ride #41, a 1927 “Big Chief”. May the force be with him.

Come by and chat if you run into #20 in the pits (aka hotel parking lots). If you see #20 on the road, however, say “Hi” but please don’t get in front of me… My brakes are only barely more than theoretical.