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#36 Keith Milne

Ben Lomond, CA

1928 Harley-Davidson JD

My name is Keith Milne from Ben Lomond, California and I am thrilled to be a 2020 Motorcycle
Cannonball participant. I’ve been a life-long gearhead and sports car enthusiast, but came to
motorcycling later than most. In the late 70s I inherited an exploded Honda CL175, rebuilt it,
rode it for a year and parked it. I didn’t touch another bike for almost twenty years. When I
became interested in riding again I quickly found out that Italian sport bikes were fast and
beautiful, but not really my thing to ride. A good friend of mine convinced me to buy a nice 70
Triumph Bonneville and that was the game changer. I dove right in and immediately started
buying vintage bikes of all types, but generally of the British variety. Since then I have restored
show bikes for concours and have judged a few as well. I have promoted vintage motorcycle
road racing events and even campaigned a little 250 Ducati road racer for a few years. I have
been fascinated with the Cannonball since the first one ten years ago and followed nearly every
live stream from the 2018 event. For me, the challenge of riding across the country on a 100
year old motorcycle is pretty much the ultimate adventure. I will be riding a 1928 Harley
Davidson JD. It is the oldest and first American bike I have owned. I am looking forward to
meeting new friends and sharing this experience with old friends who will crew with me.