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#54 Brent Hansen

Sebastopol, CA

1926 BMW R42

I started riding motorcycles in 1968, and bought (with lots of saved newspaper money) a used Honda SL70 – my first bike. I wrenched for BMW in Medford Oregon for 6 years, and then attended grad school and became a registered nurse, staying in that profession for 25+ years. Since then, I’ve returned to my prior profession of BMW mechanic, starting up my own BMW vintage repair and restoration shop. I participated in the 2016 Cannonball on a 1913 Shaw Motorbicycle, putting miles on every day with the Shaw’s mighty 1.5 horsepower engine (and my legs) over every hill. I rode my newly-restored 1926 BMW R42 in the 2018 Cannonball, the oldest BMW to ever participate in a long-distance race. The bike had some magneto problems, but those have all been worked out, and I’ll be riding it again this year with hopes of completing all the miles each day. I’m looking forward to continued adventures and comradery.