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#59 Steve Gonzales

San Francisco, CA

1924 Harley-Davidson JD

Steve Gonzales lives in northern California where he fixes old motorcycles and does his best to avoid getting run down by Teslas on autopilot. Originally hailing from Houston, Texas, Steve lived in a suburb of Chicago during the 60’s and ‘70s and in Los Angeles through the MTV ‘80s. He’s been a busboy, a bookstore clerk, photographer, professional musician, car mechanic, motion picture tech, web designer and continues to develop his skills as a general nuisance. Steve ran his first Cannonball from Atlantic City to San Diego in 2016 making it to the finish but coming just short of getting all the miles on that run. In 2018, Steve took up the challenge once more, this time riding from Portland to Portland and rolling in at the end with a perfect score. For the 2020 Cannonball, Steve will be riding a 1924 Harley JDCA and is looking forward to running longitudinal this September.