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#68 Steve Obst

Plantation, FL

1929 Henderson KJ

Steve Obst here, letting you all know that I will be part of the 2020 Cannonball. On the 2018
Cannonball, my 80-year-old father and I met up with the WOLFPACK, that’s the Henderson motorcycle
crew for the uninformed the day before the rest stop to find Mark Hill working on Frank Westfall ‘s bike.
My Dad had such a good time being around the event and working with Mark, going to a friend’s ( Terry
Sawyer ‘s ) machine shop behind his house in Wichita and getting Franks bike back to having a fourth
rod and piston the following day . To our elation Frank went on to win the event.
We had such a good time in those few days, somewhat comparable to an AMCA road run but this time
the bikes are just so much older, and the riders more hardcore. I just knew this is something we had to
My Dad got me started on motorcycle when I was a little kid, we travelled to far and away places of the
years. Been as far as North Africa with him, anybody that’s been around him will attest to his great
stories. The one where he kicked a camel in the head in the middle of the road because he thought it
was dead only to find out quite to the contrary and the ensuing chase is something I will never forget.
Being around motorcycles has always been part of my life and I am glad to have the opportunity to
make new friends across the country and the world that have the same interest in collecting and riding
or as many of us say, we have the same disease.