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#74 Rowdy Schenck

Carlsbad, NM

1915 Harley-Davidson

Cannonball Runs can be so hard on a person. Particularly for those riders that are the rider, the mechanic, the logistics person, the spare parts guy, the trailer lights technician, the welder, wiring genius, magneto diagnostician, patcher of inner tubes plus a bunch of shit I can’t remember. Yeah, it’s hard, but a fun kind of hard. Like going deer hunting and trudging around the mountains for days touting that 20 Lb. rifle, ( I know, but at the end of the 3rd day mine weights 20 lbs.) But you get home wondering if it was worth the effort. After a few weeks and the soreness has worn off, it was worth it!
So it is, I’m back for my 4th CBR. It is the only way I will ever get to see America, and man have I seen some sights——-
God Bless America