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#87 Brent Mayfield

Centerville, OH

1925 Harley-Davidson JD

My name is Brent Mayfield. I have lived most of my life in Dayton, Ohio. I got indoctrinated in to motorcycles at a very young age as my father and several relatives all rode motorcycles. In early 1968, when I was a senior in high school, I started looking for my first bike and a friend of mine said he had won an old motorcycle in a poker game. He said it was all apart and would sell it to me for $80.00. Turned out it was a 1941 FL Knucklehead. Needless to say, once I got it together and started riding it, I was hooked.

From that first Knucklehead until now I have owned, built, restored and sold many motorcycles from Bobbers to Choppers, to high point restorations. While Harleys have been my main focus, I like all motorcycles and have owned many brands from Ariel to Zundapp.

Up until 2010 most of my focus was on 1936 and later Harleys. I did not get interested in the older Harleys until the 2010 Cannonball. After reading about the 2010 C/B and talking to some of the riders, I got the bug for the older Harleys. I signed up for the 2012 C/B and built a 1924 J-Model which I entered in the 2012 C/B (rider #77). I rode from Newburgh, NY. to Milwaukee. The bike was running fine and I was doing good but I dropped out at that point. 3 months prior to the C/B, I had made a career change and moved my office to my home. It was a personal decision, but I decided I should not be away from the office for as long as the C/B would take. While on the 2012 C/B, I met Mike Carson and when the C/B was over, he ended up buying my 24 J.

I decided to enter the 2014 C/B (rider #77) and started looking around for a suitable bike. I built a bike out of parts which included a set of 1934 VL cases, a set of ULH heads & cylinders, a 25 J frame, a 27 J fork and a 28 J transmission. I ended up calling the finished product my 1934 VJH. Mike Carson called me and said he was going to enter the 24 J I had sold him in the 2014 C/B. He was also putting a team together and wanted me to be part of it. I said it sounded good and I became a member of the Carson Classic Motors team. What a great experience and Mike and I both got perfect scores on the 2014 C/B.

I had spent 4 years preparing and participating in 2 Cannonballs. I had got a perfect score in 2014 so I decided not to enter the 2016 C/B.

I got the bug again and decided to enter the 2018 Cannonball.  I built 2 bikes for the 2018 CB.  One was a 1917 J model and the other was a 1925 JD.  I figured when I finished the bikes I would sell one and keep the other to ride in the CB.  I ended up selling the 1917 J to Mike Carson which he rode in the 2018 CB and I rode the 1925 JD.  My 25 JD ran perfect except for the day that we were going to Sturgis.  I was 88 miles from check-in when my bike quit running.  My points had broke.  I ended up on the trailer of shame that day.  The next day was our “rest” day which I replaced the broken points and the bike ran great for the rest of the event but the broken points caused me to miss a perfect score by 88 miles.

I have now entered the 2021 CB and I will be using the same 1925 JD that I rode in the 2018 CB.  I will be carrying a spare set of points on the bike this time.  Hoping for a perfect score.

Life is wonderful and I feel very blessed to be able to participate in this next great adventure with a lot of great and like minded people. See you in Sault Ste. Marie