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#96 Doug Jones

Dalton, GA

1913 Indian Single

The quest to cross this country on antique motorcycles. Motorcycles that were the dawn of motorized transportation in this country.  Keep it early, keep it simple, and keep it rolling.

My name is Doug Jones, #96, and 2020 will be my fourth Cannonball.

Each event has been different, taking on its own character. As each day moves the group a little further along, and an interesting sideshow of events start happening. Little victories, sidesteps, breakdowns, personal drama, flat tires and broken parts, and the triumph of making another day. You don’t know the script, how it’s going to play out, but it’s all special. Crossing over “Going to the Sun Highway”, easing down Route 66, busting a cylinder head on Mt. Rushmore, or just talking to the old man at the gas station. It’s part of Americana and it all makes the Cannonball.

For 2020 I’ll again be on a Hedstrom Indian. There is something special about riding the early bikes, with all they bring. Make it difficult, make it challenging, and make it memorable. But most of all let’s make it to South Texas.