#13 Dean Bordigioni Santa Rosa, CA
1923 Harley Davidson JF
Hello, my name is Dean Bordigioni and Iím number 13 in the 2018 Motorcycle Cannonball (CB). This will be my fourth Cannonball, oh my, even though before the start of my third in 2016 I thought that would be my last, and then especially after finishing I thought I was done for sure.

Welcome to the ďVortex of Insanity". The CB is a bit of a disease. It has replaced over 90% of my motorcycle riding energy, which is OK as I have a lot of other things that interest me and Iíve had quite a life on motorbikes. It takes months to recover from the ride, and then months and months to get your bike together for the next one. You wake up in the middle of the night with a start, ďdamn, I forgot to order yada yada". This goes on for months. Forgettabout the last few weeks. You are basically insane.

Then you pack your bike and your gear and you or someone drives it across the country, at least for me as Iím in California. This may be the worst week of the entire two years of prep as your little baby is vulnerable. Regardless of your cautions, something can happen including accident and theft - the bastards!

I was an athlete once a long time ago. Before the game there was always the butterflies, and then that first hit - football obviously - and it was all good. All the anxiety and preparation builds within the vortex, especially when you arrive at the takeoff point, this year Portland, Maine, even though youíre really happy to be here and see your once-every-two-years friends. Everybody is jazzed and the feeling of privilege and wonder start to erode the vortex. Just like that first hit, when we leave that first day it is glorious and it all makes sense again.
Our ride across America, on vintage bikes and mostly vintage, two-lane roads is magnificent. Exhausting and painful at times, but magnificent. Iím truly looking forward to seeing the Cannonballers again, getting stoked after passing inspection and waking up way too early on that first day, putting on the gear and wearing the game face. My nature is to do my best, so I will try with all I have once again.

We are Team Vino. We have had a very successful run in the Cannonball over the past 6 years and weíre going for it again. Iím proud and honored to have Ciro Nisi of Italy on Team Vino this year, rider #102. We met at the 2016 CB and have become friends, amici. His lovely daughter Frederica may not be able to attend this year, but weíre hopeful she can.

Chrystiano Miranda has been my road mechanic for the past three CBs and heís returning this year. Chrys once worked for me at my Harley-Dealership in Marin County, CA - Golden Gate Harley-Davidson. He is a brother now.

Fellow Cannonball rider Robert ďBIG SWEDE" Gustavsson will be riding shotgun again as driver and mechanic.

My brother Tom Bordigioni, great friend Kurty Kurt Campbell and all around good guy and cheap cigar buyer Bruce Cooper will once again be crossing the country on modern motorcycles and meeting up with the team at the end of the day.

My first CB build, my í23 H-D J, was built by Marty Schilber, my former Service Manager at Golden Gate H-D. That engine has crossed the United States twice on that build, winning Class II in 2014, and its returning for the í18. Iíve decided to start with my 1914 Harley Single, but the í23 will be with us just in case.

Steve Huntzinger built some of my í23, but he was the only one who touched my 1914, the bike I piloted in the 2016 CB. That bike made a historic run across the country, finishing every full mile and winning Class I. We didnít win the overall, but that was my fault, not the bikeís. I truly believe my 1914 Harley-Davidson Single Belt Drive is the finest motorcycle to ever compete in the Motorcycle Cannonball.

To read more about Team Vino, please check out my winery website: annadelestatewinery.com. There is a Team Vino page in About Us.

I want to thank Lonnie Isam, our hero, for founding the MC, and Jason Sims for carrying the torch after Lonnie left us. You are doing a great job Jason.

Thank you for reading if you got this far!


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