#25 Joe Burch Farris, TX
1928 Harley Davidson JDH
I Left motorcycles behind, sold my 1967 XLCH to start a aviation company. I was the owner , pilot, mechanic, accountant, sales person, you name it. Flew corporate jets all over for several corporations. Even flew Chuck Yeager as a passenger one time. My younger partner is taking over now so I can peruse my next career.

ďworthless antique motorcycle junkie"

Eleven Harleys & two Cushmans later, I think it is a good start. A 1925 JD with sidecar(Rebel), 1928 JDH (Blue J), 1934 & 1935 VLís (Krazy Krusty & Vickey), 1948 WL (Midnight), 1958 & 1965 Panheads(Green Beast & Old Blue), 1973 shovelhead (Some Assembly Required), 1958 & 1963 Cushmanís(Silver Fox & Little Red). Red really belongs to my wife Susan. Several more are just parts scattered around the barn & shop, a frame here, another sidecar body there, shelfs with engines, etc.etc.
Trucks & cars also.

The Queen of the fleet, a 1957 ford Skyliner(Queenie), is Susanís. 1945 ford 1 Ĺ ton grain bed truck. 1983 Ranger pick up (Susanís) 2002 Thunderbird & other late model stuff.

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