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Exciting Motorcycle Cannonball News!!


Here is a list and dates of the overnight cities that we will be visiting for this years Motorcycle Cannonball.  We will be listing exact locations and times of where you can come witness the riders and the machines of the Motorcycle Cannonball on the website and on our social media channels.  Not only will we be visiting these cities but have a host of many other cities and venues that will be hosting us for lunch stops also.  Keep checking back for updates as we will be updating regularly.



Prologue – Thursday September 7th – Virginia Beach, VA


Stage #1 – Friday, September 8th – Greenville, NC


Stage #2 – Saturday, September 9th – Concord, NC


Stage #3 – Sunday, September 10th – Marysville, TN


Stage #4 – Monday, September 11th – Clarksville, TN


Stage #5 – Tuesday, September 12th – Cape Girardeau, MO


Stage #6 – Wednesday, September 13th – Branson, MO


Stage #7 – Thursday, September 14th – Augusta, KS


Day Off – Friday, September 15th – Wichita, KS


Stage #8 – Saturday, September 16th – Garden City, KS


Stage #9 – Sunday, September 17th – Colorado Springs, CO


Stage #10 – Monday, September 18th – Montrose, CO


Stage #11 – Tuesday, September 19th – Green River, UT


Stage #12 – Wednesday, September 20th – Kanab, UT


Stage #13 – Thursday, September 21st – Las Vegas, NV


Stage #14 – Friday, September 22nd – Lake Havasu, AZ


Stage #15 – Saturday, September 23rd – Palm Desert, CA


Grand Finale – Sunday, September 24th – Oceanside, CA

2023 Motorcycle Cannonball Location Announcement!
Stage #5
Cape Girardeau, MO
Motorcycle Cannonball is proud to announce that on Tuesday, September 12th, 2023 the Motorcycle Cannonball will be back in Cape Girardeau, MO which is one of our favorite cities to visit, we will have a hosted promotion open to the public in the historic downtown of the Cape. Make plans to come see the riders and the machines of the Motorcycle Cannonball. To learn more about Cape Girardeau visit
2023 Motorcycle Cannonball Location Announcement!

Motorcycle Cannonball is proud to announce that on Sunday, September 17th, 2023 the Motorcycle Cannonball will have a overnight stop in Colorado Springs, CO and will have a hosted promotion open to the public at the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum located on Historic Tejon St in Downtown Colorado Springs. Make plans to come see the riders and the machines of the Motorcycle Cannonball and the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum


On Sunday, September 17th, in conjunction with the 2023 “Cannonball” stop-over in Colorado Springs, the Museum will be hosting their 30th anniversary OPEN HOUSE CELEBRATION and the public is invited to attend! We will be inducting 6 new members into the “HALL of FAME” and we will have snacks and soft drinks. Food vendors will be on hand and Cowboys Nightclub will be open right next door providing libations.

This is a great opportunity to not only see the Museums new home and collection, but more importantly to meet current and new Hall of Fame members, as well as the 2023 Cannonball riders and get an up-close look at their machines.
The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum is located in downtown Colorado Springs, at 19 North Tejon St. The Museum’s Board of Directors invites you, your families and your friends to experience what has become one of the most popular free attractions in Southern Colorado. For more information, check out the website at

HIT READ MORE TO GET LINK………Are you interested in participating in this years Motorcycle Cannonball?  We have immediate openings for this years event.  The event is open to any one that has a motorcycle that is 1933 or older.

Here is the link to the 2023 Motorcycle Cannonball.  Registration is open to the first 100 people that successfully complete registration requirements.  You can see more about registration requirements in the Apply page, Click this link below to apply:  Once information is filled in and you hit submit you will get an onscreen notification and a email to confirm we received your application.  If you do not get, please reach out to Jason @ 605-484-8576

Starting on May 31, 2022.  The 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball Video series will start releasing on the Motorcycle Cannonball YouTube Channel.   The first episode will air at 8:00pm EST with a live premier and chat and will proceed weekly every Tuesday at the same time dropping a new video!!

You can find the videos here:

After successfully sending 3 next generation riders on the 2021 Cross Country Chase “Secrets of the Ozarks” the “Love of Old Motorcycles” organization of Motorcycle Mentors is giving the opportunity to a next generation rider to take part in the next Cross Country Chase September 15th thru the 25th where riders will endure Route 66.

A minimum of 2 riders will be selected 1 Male and 1 Female to participate in the 2022 Cross Country Chase “Route 66” that takes place September 15th – 25th starting in Springfield, IL and ending in Santa Monica, CA.  The event is open to motorcycles between the ages of 1930 and 1960.

Want to donate, get involved, please click the link below for further information.

Program Specifics:

To apply entrants will need to provide the following: (Link at Bottom of Page)

To apply click the link below:

The Motorcycle Cannonball will return in September of 2023 and as in previous events it will be traveling Coast-to-Coast, from the Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean; starting on the beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia, approximately one hundred riders will make their way over sixteen days to the Grand Finale destination of Huntington Beach, California.

Just like all the historic past events, Motorcycle Cannonball has researched and chosen the best route that we have ever put together and undoubtedly some of the best host cities along the way. It will be the most testing event as far as navigation and terrain are involved. No matter what class riders are in, this will be challenging and rewarding at the same time, pushing riders and their 90+ year old motorcycles to the limit.

Highlights of the event will include, the Official Start on the sandy beaches in Virginia Beach, traversing the Smoky Mountains, navigating the Appalachians, revealing the secret of the Ozarks, having a day of rest in Augusta, Kansas at the “Twisted Oz” Museum, rolling across the cornfields of Kansas, climbing over the Rocky Mountains (a few times), visiting two of the best National Parks in the United States (Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park), seeing the glow of the Vegas lights, crossing Hoover Dam, facing the heat of the Mojave Desert, and just when they think they are on the homestretch to the Grand Finale on the Pier of Huntington Beach, California, we will challenge riders with one more mountain pass. Plus, much more………

This event will be open to any motorcycle that is 90 years or older. This means that if you have a motorcycle that is pre-1933 it will be eligible for the event.

If you are interested in participating in the next challenge of Man/Woman vs. Machine, please click the apply tab at the top of the page to request an application.

Stay tuned for a recap of the Grand Finale.  We are busy celebrating the win of #64 Dave Currier!

It’s hard to believe that we have made it to the last overnight stop before we make the final 99 mile route to our objective; that just 15 days ago seemed like forever!  I can tell you what time stands still when you are on the Cannonball, if you ask any of the riders, staff, or support crew, no one knows what day, date or what time it is.  If you ask any of the group, they can’t even fathom that tomorrow is the last day.  We have all been through so much, been stimulated more than you can even imagine, and have made lifelong friends. As we roll into the last day 88 riders made it to the starting line, and we still have 33 with a perfect score.  Dave Currier, rider #64, on his single cylinder is still trudging along, even though he makes it looks easy he has had his share of problems just in the last few days including electrical issues, belt issues, and out of nowhere his motorcycle keeps vapor locking.  He is cool though, he handles the problems with a calm demeanor, and symptomatically like he has done it 200 times. You can witness that at night with him and his crew as they methodically go over every nut and bolt of that machine and a long checklist to make sure everything is completely perfect. Dave is ready but can his bike hold up another 99 miles? We will find out tomorrow when we land in South Padre Island.

You can literally see the physical fatigue starting to set in among the Cannonballers.  A before picture would show glowing skin, clean clothes, and bright smiles.  An after picture would show scruffy faces, dirty nails, weight loss, a little bit longer hair, and bags under their eyes from the constant stress they have been putting themselves through over the last fourteen days.  But, on the other hand, emotionally they are getting stronger as we are now only approximately a day and a half away from the finish in South Padre Island!

Today’s route was 280 miles that took us from Nacogdoches, Texas to Victoria, Texas with robust ranches in every view. Tonight was one of our largest stops to date, hosted by Steve and Joan Klein and the City of Victoria. Along with riders arriving at the destination there was also a local car show, and we were serenaded with a live band. We were treated to Texas style steaks hot off the grill. An amazing treat!

Support crew repair pits are set up right along where the hosted stop was at the Victoria Mall which means we have a ton of onlookers and enthusiasts watching weary riders wrench for one of their final nights before making the last push towards South Padre Island.  Tomorrow will be the riders last big test as they will make their way South along the coast to McAllen, Texas which will be home to our last night before crossing the finish line.