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The Motorcycle Cannonball will return in September of 2023 and as in previous events it will be traveling Coast-to-Coast, from the Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean; starting on the beach in Virginia Beach, Virginia, approximately one hundred riders will make their way over sixteen days to the Grand Finale destination of Huntington Beach, California.

Just like all the historic past events, Motorcycle Cannonball has researched and chosen the best route that we have ever put together and undoubtedly some of the best host cities along the way. It will be the most testing event as far as navigation and terrain are involved. No matter what class riders are in, this will be challenging and rewarding at the same time, pushing riders and their 90+ year old motorcycles to the limit.

Highlights of the event will include, the Official Start on the sandy beaches in Virginia Beach, traversing the Smoky Mountains, navigating the Appalachians, revealing the secret of the Ozarks, having a day of rest in Augusta, Kansas at the “Twisted Oz” Museum, rolling across the cornfields of Kansas, climbing over the Rocky Mountains (a few times), visiting two of the best National Parks in the United States (Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park), seeing the glow of the Vegas lights, crossing Hoover Dam, facing the heat of the Mojave Desert, and just when they think they are on the homestretch to the Grand Finale on the Pier of Huntington Beach, California, we will challenge riders with one more mountain pass. Plus, much more………

This event will be open to any motorcycle that is 90 years or older. This means that if you have a motorcycle that is pre-1933 it will be eligible for the event.

If you are interested in participating in the next challenge of Man/Woman vs. Machine, please click the apply tab at the top of the page to request an application.