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Day two of cruising the country was a cold ride shrouded by dreary grey skies, but the day was filled with sparks of excitement. The theory that the cool weather was why the geriatrics were performing so well during Stage 1 was tossed right off the passenger pad today since sweep vehicles were loaded to capacity with cantankerous motorcycles. Breakdowns averaged 1 every mile by the time they passed the 200 mile mark of a 251-mile route but the most spectacular story to spread through the Cannonball community was when rider # 24, Kelly Modlin, had a bit of a scare. While sitting at a traffic light, a fellow rider pointed out that he had a gas leak and the next thing Kelly knew, he was waist-deep in a gas fire. Tossing his bike to the ground, other riders, including Jason Sims who happened to be behind Modlin, lept into action. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, Sims and other riders quickly extinguished the blazing inferno and Kelly was lucky to have escaped serious injury. The men got to work and, amazingly, managed to get the 1928 Indian roadworthy. Kelly rode the charred old Indian to finish out his day with all his miles. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just day two of the Cannonball Endurance Run.