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After successfully sending 3 next generation riders on the 2021 Cross Country Chase “Secrets of the Ozarks” the “Love of Old Motorcycles” organization of Motorcycle Mentors is giving the opportunity to a next generation rider to take part in the next Cross Country Chase September 15th thru the 25th where riders will endure Route 66.

A minimum of 2 riders will be selected 1 Male and 1 Female to participate in the 2022 Cross Country Chase “Route 66” that takes place September 15th – 25th starting in Springfield, IL and ending in Santa Monica, CA.  The event is open to motorcycles between the ages of 1930 and 1960.

Want to donate, get involved, please click the link below for further information.

Program Specifics:

To apply entrants will need to provide the following: (Link at Bottom of Page)

To apply click the link below: