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For Immediate Release:


Motorcycle Cannonball issues homework!! (Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know homework sucks)

This assignment is for all you Cannonballers who are tired of the kids fighting,  those who are bored, tired of watching Netflix and Hulu, and those who are jonesing for a summer day on the back roads!!!  Give this to the kids… heck even give it to your spouse to complete if you want.  What better way to waste some time other than coloring old motorcycles??!!

Trust me… this is easier than common core math!  Download and print this Coloring Sheet at

We would love to see pictures of you coloring and your finished masterpieces!  We will collect all the images to put on the website and post to our social media platforms.

Please send photos and videos to our Facebook Messenger or to    Be sure to tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #cannonballhomework

Go on…get busy… and be sure to keep it away from the dog!!!


Cannonball Coloring #1

Cannonball Indian Drawing