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We are having an unusually high number of people telling us they intend to ride along with entrants during this fall’s endurance run, which is problematic. Besides the obvious issue of registered riders who have paid their fees to traverse the country on their antique bikes safely during this unique run, is the issue of having the difficult journey further complicated by concerns of modern riders sharing their lane and congesting the route.  Antique motorcycles to not handle the same as modern machines, sometimes requiring all of a lane to make a corner and extra time and distance to slow or stop. The reaction time of ancient machinery is slower and while antique riders are skilled at handling their machines, modern riders are not as familiar with anticipating an unpredictable antique motorcycle’s performance.

Additionally, there is the competition factor. There are rules outlined to ensure a fair competition that do not include non-registered riders tagging along, interfering with the race. The Motorcycle Cannonball has staff along the route, including trained medical personnel, who are experienced in handling situations that may arise and tagalong riders who are not part of the Cannonball make it more difficult to access a rider/motorcycle if anything should happen while on course.

For these reasons and more, we ask that the public please do not try to join riders on the course. Rider safety is always first and foremost in the actions of the Motorcycle Cannonball, just as we know it is for all of you. So please, don’t add to the risk factor by trying to follow along.

We have outlined our evening stops and morning departures schedule online and will be posting more detailed locations where riders can be met and their magnificent machines can be viewed as our plans are finalized. Riders are as excited to meet you as you are to see these incredible antique bikes, so we encourage the public to come out and see the Cannonballers when they stop to visit. Check the website often for up to date information.