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Have you been watching the recent updates here regarding the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball? You’ll start to see more riders posting their bios and bike photos as we prepare to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Motorcycle Cannonball, so be sure to visit us often and check out all the pages here. It’s going to be a very exciting year for antique motorcycle riding!

This year’s route is proving to be a challenge for our course master, John Classen since, just like all good things, there’s a lot of work that goes into laying out the masterful routes the Motorcycle Cannonball is so famous for. No two courses have ever been the same!

We like to shake things up to stay a bit unpredictable and this year is no different. The most obvious change for the 2020 is that we’ll be going north to south, rather than the traditional east to west rides of the past. From the Canada border to the shores of the Texas coast, more riders than ever will struggle against the elements to keep their machines between the lines while crossing the state lines. We’ll ride through 12 states and visit lots of great places this September as we make new friends all along this taxing route. Most of the stops are pretty exciting and we look forward to seeing you all out there along our way, so check back often and stay informed as you plan your visit to our hosted stops!