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Riders were awakend by a predicted storm and prepared themselves for what would be an all day soaking before they gathered in the Doubletree lobby to be told the run was cancelled for the day. The lead car that was dispatched early in the morning to ride the route reported that roads were hazardous for the antiques.

Jason Sims took to the bullhorn to announce that, “This isn’t about being wet and it isn’t about being cold. It’s about safety and the raod just are not safe.” With that, riders loaded up ther trailers and moseyed down the road to Harely-Davidson of Jamestown, New York. Support crews, however, were left to figure out what to dowith their personal machines. Several just rode out the weather on the highway, rather than risking the backroads. By day’s end, roads were dry even if volunteers weren’t.

Stage 4 will end at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bowling Green, Ohio and weather is supposed to be warm and sunny. If you’re planning to get support gear, you’d better do it soon since supplies are dwindling.