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You can literally see the physical fatigue starting to set in among the Cannonballers.  A before picture would show glowing skin, clean clothes, and bright smiles.  An after picture would show scruffy faces, dirty nails, weight loss, a little bit longer hair, and bags under their eyes from the constant stress they have been putting themselves through over the last fourteen days.  But, on the other hand, emotionally they are getting stronger as we are now only approximately a day and a half away from the finish in South Padre Island!

Today’s route was 280 miles that took us from Nacogdoches, Texas to Victoria, Texas with robust ranches in every view. Tonight was one of our largest stops to date, hosted by Steve and Joan Klein and the City of Victoria. Along with riders arriving at the destination there was also a local car show, and we were serenaded with a live band. We were treated to Texas style steaks hot off the grill. An amazing treat!

Support crew repair pits are set up right along where the hosted stop was at the Victoria Mall which means we have a ton of onlookers and enthusiasts watching weary riders wrench for one of their final nights before making the last push towards South Padre Island.  Tomorrow will be the riders last big test as they will make their way South along the coast to McAllen, Texas which will be home to our last night before crossing the finish line.