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It’s hard to believe that we have made it to the last overnight stop before we make the final 99 mile route to our objective; that just 15 days ago seemed like forever!  I can tell you what time stands still when you are on the Cannonball, if you ask any of the riders, staff, or support crew, no one knows what day, date or what time it is.  If you ask any of the group, they can’t even fathom that tomorrow is the last day.  We have all been through so much, been stimulated more than you can even imagine, and have made lifelong friends. As we roll into the last day 88 riders made it to the starting line, and we still have 33 with a perfect score.  Dave Currier, rider #64, on his single cylinder is still trudging along, even though he makes it looks easy he has had his share of problems just in the last few days including electrical issues, belt issues, and out of nowhere his motorcycle keeps vapor locking.  He is cool though, he handles the problems with a calm demeanor, and symptomatically like he has done it 200 times. You can witness that at night with him and his crew as they methodically go over every nut and bolt of that machine and a long checklist to make sure everything is completely perfect. Dave is ready but can his bike hold up another 99 miles? We will find out tomorrow when we land in South Padre Island.