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As the weather warmed up on Stage 3, so did the excitement and drama of the Cannonball. It was an early start for riders as we departed Battle Creek, MI.  Class 1 riders departed at 7:30 this morning and at the time six riders tied for first place.  This was short lived as #77 Richard Asprey who was in 5th place overall had a magneto failure at about mile 80 and not much later down the road 4th overall #50 Steve Andreasen seized the motor on his 1915 Harley-Davidson Single.  Unfortunately, both had to get on the sweep truck.  Riders were greeted this afternoon for lunch at Napoleon Harley-Davidson in Napoleon, OH with a huge crowd of onlookers and enthusiasts eager to learn more about the Motorcycle Cannonball.  More drama ensued after lunch with the last hundred miles proving difficult on both man and machine, both sweep trucks ended up completely full. Whether it was due to the weather that creeped up into the mid 80’s, the gusty winds, or the machines showing their true colors, ten more riders ended up on the sweep trailer today. There will be lots of movement on the leaderboard.  We are now in our second state of Ohio on this journey with a destination tonight of the Rip Rap Roadhouse in Dayton, which is subsequently owned by a Cannonball Rider Jason Wadzinski.  As Riders crossed todays check-in line they were greeted with one of the biggest crowds that we’ve seen on this event to date served with a generously delicious meal from the Rip Rap Roadhouse.  Many riders we’re reluctant to leave but they knew that they needed to get back and prepare in the pits to be on the starting line in the morning.  Hopefully those broken down today can make the necessary repairs and get back on the road and join their fellow riders in the morning.