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Thirty minutes prior to class start times riders get their daily route maps for the day.  There is always chatter amongst everyone but today was especially and peculiarly different when people were grabbing cell phones and searching various weather apps.  It appeared that we were going to run into the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicholas.  Nervousness was felt as most people that ride antique motorcycles don’t often let their machines near the elements let alone ride in it.  But riders set out on the road bundled and wrapped in the appropriate weather gear knowing they would have to get going to make it to the next stop, 264 miles down the road.  They know in the back of their mind that Cannonball movement can’t stop even for weather.  We were lucky and the Weather Gods were excited for the Cannonball to visit and gave riders an open window to cruise into Spartanburg, South Carolina virtually unscathed from any of the lingering rain.


As of this morning 74 riders crossed the starting line and by the end of the day 66 riders successfully made it through without the assistance of the sweet trailer. Rider #61, Bob Zeolla, riding a 1925 Harley-Davidson, who up to this point has perfect miles, was plagued by intermittent problems. It appears that the coil was overheating and after diagnosing with only minutes left to spare with the assistance of fellow riders and sweep truck staff, a solution of keeping the coil cool seemed to help and get Bob limped to the finish line.  Tonight’s Hosted Stop was sponsored by the Antique Motorcycle Club of America Legends Chapter and The Wicked Wrench.  Riders enjoyed a good southern home-cooked meal with entertainment by a live band!   In the parking lot you can see fatigue starting to set in with some riders and support crews, tomorrow should bring boosted spirits with a shorter day of only 134 miles to our destination at Dales Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, which is one of the biggest highlights for a lot of us on this trip!