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Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum was the perfect ending to today’s incredible 135 mile journey from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  From Spartanburg it was only 30 miles to the North Carolina border; riders who were chuckling that we only had 130 miles today soon realized that the easy, quick day suddenly surprised them with off and on lingering rain showers and 9% grade long, curvy climbs up the mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The sights were unbelievable and around every third corner or so the sun would shine through the dense fog.  I’m sure everyone was wondering how #64 Dave Currier, the lone survivor in Class 1 and current leader, on his 1911 Harley-Davidson Single cylinder would make the near impassable climbs that sometimes reached 10 miles at a shot.  Currier is determined and said that it was one of the toughest days of riding he has ever endured.  He got a few extra miles today because he had to turn around and go back down the hill to try the grade again.  To all that doubted, he surprised everyone coming in with a perfect score and well before the class end time!  Riders were greeted to a great crowd at Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum where we were treated to a great meal and opened the museum for riders, support crew, and staff to view. People loved the Motorcycle Cannonball exhibit the museum put together that includes bikes, memorabilia, history of all the Cannonballs from 2010 to present. We are now down to 45 riders that still have perfect scores and we will see if that changes tomorrow as riders head out on a 263 mile route to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where we will be hosted by Bumpus Harley-Davidson.   I know riders are excited to reach this destination because Sunday is a much-needed day off for rest before we finish the second half of the 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball.