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Not every Cannonball story is about great success and overcoming hardships. Some are just heartbreaking and the struggles for the husband and wife team of #95 is one such case.

Early in the morning outside Kalispell, Montana we rounded a corner to find #95 off to the side of the road. Steve is a Nebraska farmer and, after hearing all the great Motorcycle Cannonball stories from friends and fellow farmers Dave Volnek and Jeff Lauritsen, Steve and his wife Robin had gleefully spent the winter getting their 1914 H-D ready for the Cannonball. Robin came along as his crew and the couple were excited to experience life along the backroads. Unfortunately, the cantankerous Harley had different plans.

“Ever since Ohio we’ve been trying to piece it together and today, I think it’s just done,” Andreasen told us. “We’re out.” As we stood and watched the sadness sink in, we saw a cloud pass over him as the discouraged rider shook his head. Rather than expressing anger or frustration at not being able to finish the ride, Steve’s voice grew soft as he considered what his wife would feel as he waited for her to come fetch him and the broken bike. “Mostly, I feel sorry for Robin. She’s worked so hard, she’s going to be so disappointed.”