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#1 Dave Currier

Fargo, ND

1911 Harley Davidson

#1 Dave Currier Fargo, North Dakota 1911 Harley Single Team Dakota The 2023 Cannonball will be my 3rd cannonball race. In 2018 I rode a 1915 Harley twin finishing 13th overall. 2021 Cannonball was a Big Year winning the class 1 and overall winner. I was riding a 1911 Harley single. This was the oldest and most difficult bike to ever win the Motorcycle Cannonball. The bike had belt drive, no transmission and an atmospheric intake valve. The ride was grueling to say the least! Winning the 2021Cannonball was Epic! I will be riding the 1911 Harley single again in the 2023 Cannonball race. I’m excited and honored to be displaying Plate #1. I know the bike and I are up for the challenge ahead! CANNONBALL 2023 THE RACE IS ON! The PHANTOM !