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#105 Tim Burns

Cottage Grove, OR

1925 Harley Davidson JDCB

Hi, my name Tim Burns, from Cottage Grove, Oregon & will be riding my 1925 Harley-Davidson 74″ JDCB again on the 2023 Motorcycle Cannonball. I have been riding Harleys since buying my first motorcycle at 18, a 1969 sportster, in 1985. It blew up after a couple months & I bought a 84” stroker 62 pan-shovel. I bought my first antique Harley, a 1937 knucklehead, in 1989, then a 38UL that I restored in 1992, then a 16F, a 13 9-E, & a few others. I slowed down riding for a few years while I built & raced a blown alcohol 1940 Willys coupe. That was a blast, but a huge expense, so I sold the racing operation & spent the next 10 years rock crawling a jeep Cherokee that I built up. At the same time I was aggressively buying & remodeling rental properties 538 miles from where I lived in San Jose, California in my spare time so I could retire from a job I hated, but stuck with for 32-1/2 years (commercial HVAC contracting) & get back to what I love doing, riding, buying, selling, & working on antique Harleys. I have had almost 130 over the years & currently have around 70, with 53 of them being pre ww2, ranging from 1910 to 1969, with one lone 1960 Mustang, one 1912 Excelsior twin , & a 1929 Henderson KJ. I want to thank my numerous friends involved with the Cannonball & antique motorcycles for giving me the encouragement to enter this event, as well as putting up with my endless questions & sharing their information & stories. I am forever in your debt