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#107 Kanjana Kankhuntod Indian AA

Westfield, MA

1929 Indian 101 Scout

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 My name is Kanjana Kankhuntod (AKA) Aa. I was born and raised in Thailand. I have been interested in antique motorcycles all my life. When I was 17 years old I restored a 1964 Vespa with a Sidecar. I rode the Vespa all over Thailand with my Thai buddies. My love for riding antique motorcycles started with the Vespa.
                        In 2009 this little Thai, after a breakup, left Thailand with a broken heart. I went to the USA to work as an Au Pair. After living in the US and learning English in 2 years I got myself on my feet and back to riding again. I bought a Harley Sportster to ride around.
                        In 2014 found out that Indian Motorcycle of Springfield had just opened up. I took a ride there and I remember when I walked in the door the first bike I saw was a1940 Indian Four. I knew exactly what it was and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I was so excited! The gentleman asked me how the heck you know so much about Indian Motorcycles? I said that I am a fan of Indian Motorcycles but there are not that many in Thailand for me to look at. He took me on a tour and told me the history of the antique Indians he has on the floor. Turned out he is the owner of the dealership. Dennis Bolduc. Long story short he offered me a job and I have been his right hand even since. One day he asked me if I can ride left hand throttle and I said I will try it. He let me try a 1946 Indian Chief Sidecar and I took off like a champ. Then he also let me try his 1930 Indian scout 101. Oh boy! I was hooked! I said to myself this is my dream bike. Fit me perfect! I fell in love and started looking for one.
                        In 2016 I went to the swap meet at Oley PA. Here it’s was. A 1929 Indian 101 Scout for sale at Kiwi’s tent. Dennis said if you can kick start the bike you can own it. I kicked that bike 4-5 times when the bike started right up! I couldn’t stop smiling. I asked the boss man to help me. We made a deal with Mike.  In that moment I knew that with the boss man’s help I got to own my dream bike. I broke down in tears and lots of people around us had tears with me. What a powerful moment in life for a little Thai in the big country! I still feel that moment how happy I was that day. People called me Indian AA after that. I have never thought that one day I will come this far from home and get to own one of my dream bikes. I can’t thank Dennis enough who took me in. He gave me a job even though I didn’t speak good English. Taught me Indian Motorcycle history. I love America.
                        I am going to do a one of a kind life time experience with the Motorcycle Cannonball Race 2021 with my 1929 Indian Scout 101. My main sponsor is Indian Motorcycle of Springfield. I am also sponsored by so  many friends that I cant even name them all. Here comes a big dream for the Thai !!!!!! Look for me Kanjana #107.