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#109 Alex Trepanier

Montrose, CA

1912 Indian Single

Howdy! Iam Alex if you are looking at this you have found the cannonball!!!! Your life will never be the same….. old motorcycles are more addicting then drugs! Just take a ride kid I won’t tell your mom! Anyhow all jokes aside old motorcycles are my life and my fellow riders and enthusiasts are my family away from my kids, who don’t understand why dad is so crazy about motorcycles! Many thanks to Lonnie for putting the cannonball together and Jason and his wife Lee Ann for keeping it going and all their hard work to make it better. Thank you to all the staff without you we would be lost! Can’t wait to see you in September! If you are not connected with the cannonball yet I encourage you to come out to one of our stops closest to you and visit let’s get you involved or at least a T shirt! Lol