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#109 Alex Trepanier

Montrose, CA

1929 Indian 402

My name is Alex Trepanier rider #109. I am very excited to be back on another motorcycle ride with some really great old friends and I hope to make some new ones along this trip as well. I really enjoyed the 2016 event with my 1912 Indian single. This year I am running my 1929 Indian 402. I have dissembled this bike every nut and bolt and gone thru everything. Luckily the engine was rebuilt by Ken Young SR. And has low miles on the rebuild done in the late 70’s Ted Walters did the paint work for me and it is stunning. Jersey Jon has helped me find and replace incorrect parts on the bike. Doug Fiensod who calls me his illegitimate son has been there for moral support and supplied me with the correct generator. It is a lot of work to completely rebuild a bike and I am so grateful for all the help from My friends. I want to also thank all the crew who make this event happen from the route master to the first aid folks. They are the real people that make this event amazing without you we could not do this. And finally to Lonnie Jr. you sir have changed my life and many others.I am so grateful that you and Bud Edkins sat down and decided to make this all happen. For that I am forever in debt to you. See you all in September. Alex Trepanier.