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#67 Vince Martinico

1917 Henderson Four

At 5 years old was lucky enough to ride my big brother’s go cart and that started everything, by 6th grade built a custom chopper sting ray bicycle for the Auto Rama custom car show. Bought my first Taco mini bike in 7th. grade and started¬† buying’s and selling dirt bikes and riding every day by 9th grade was building a 1953 Triumph chopper and by 10th grade built a 45 Harley chopped trike in 11th grade bought a 52 Pan head, at 16 I worked at Cycle Supply Custom bolt on Chopper shop ,I was the bolt on kid that changed the parts, pipes, seats, and handlebars. The owners also owned Coast Cycles.,it turned into one of the biggest after market co. called Custom Chrome. by 20 years old was dealing in Antique motorcycles and still in the business of buying and selling antique motorcycles from 1905 to 1942 mainly, call me 530 305 6979 if you are looking for antique bike?¬† I was invited my good buddy Lonnie ride in the 2010 Motorcycle Cannonball on my 1914 big Pope single, came in 2nd. in class one ,for the 10 year Anniversary of the Cannonball I will be riding a 1917 Henderson 4 for my good friend Brian B. I am hoping it will be every bit as fun as the first one for all ?.