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#11 Billy Page

El Dorado, KS

1916 Harley Davidson

Billy Page will be riding a 1916 Harley Davidson twin cylinder 61 C.I. 7 1/2 h.p. bike, with magneto ignition. Billy went along with his father Bill Page on the 2016 run, and was a big reason that ole #10 kept on going. He is a good mechanic and tends to be patient in figuring things out. He has a nice antique car collection and has several bikes that he enjoys.

Billy’s riding career started at the age of 4, and had been involved in some sort of 2 or 4 wheel motorsports since. He has competed in motocross, traveled several years riding in the arena cross series, and was 7 time national sand drag champion, setting a record in the 2 cylinder class, running the 300 ft race in 3.39 seconds at 101 mph. That record still holds. Try that sometime, 0-101mph in 3 seconds, in dirt.

His main focus is getting he and his dad across the country, but will enjoy riding. He put on a couple hundred miles on the bike last fall, and is planning on more in the spring.

Billy is married to a great girl, Marcella, and they have two children. Kate will be 3, and Liam will be 2. Marcella is planning on making the journey with him, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty, jumping right in to help.