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#111 Jim Miner

Springville, UT

1918 Harley-Davidson J

Growing up at a farm tractor dealership , (where I still work) I was always interested in anything with an engine. I loved motorcycles but Dad didn
t. He said when I was 16 I could have one ,so I had to beg or borrow someone elses bike to ride till then. I brought home a Kawasaki 250 on my 16th birthday and quickly learned how to repair a motorcycle. After a few years racing motocross, and getting married I switched to an enduro. A bike little more practical with a family. Then one for everyone in the family.

I bought my first Harley in 1993. A Sportster , then a Heritage in 1998.

Several years ago I bought a WL45. This was my first vintage/antique bike. Then I came home with an EJ Cole 1928 Harley B. Both have been great experience in learning about old American motorcycles.

Just before the  1918 Cannonball I bought a 1918 Harley J in hopes of  landing a spot in the next cannonball. This bike was unrestored , and by the paint sprayed over everything I think it was some kind of a army or government vehicle.

The bike was rebuilt and up and running  a couple months before the start. After getting to the start in Portland Maine the bike would not start. Panic set in. Full cannonball mode took over.

The bike was repaired and the work just got started. The bike did great the rest of the trip and finished only 1 point short a perfect score.

I have signed up again to cross the country with my Cannonball family hoping for successful trip knowing how much fun it was the last time