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#112 Ricky Bartel


1926 Harley-Davidson J

Ricky Bartel & his wife Janis are from Shiocton, a small town in Northeast Wisconsin.  For over 30 years they owned & operated a small trucking company out of their home until Rick’s recent retirement.

Rick has been riding motorcycle for as long as he can remember, teaching Janis to ride in a parking lot in Green Bay, WI during college prior to their marriage .  After high school graduation, Rick and several of his friends bought their first new motorcycles and headed west to watch Evil Knievel jump the Snake River Canyon.  That was the beginning of numerous motorcycles and motorcycle trips.   Shortly after his retirement, Rick ventured south and caught up with the 2016 Cannonball in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, helping Doc Hopkins and his team for part of the run and yes…. He got the Vintage bike and Cannonball “bug”.   In January, 2017, he purchased his first Vintage motorcycle, a 1926 Harley Davidson J Model, and decided to pursue a spot on the 2018 Cannonball.  Initially put on the extensive waiting list, Rick & Janis were ecstatic when they learned they “made the cut” and officially became the 2018 Cannonball rider #112.  Since signing up for the Cannonball, and purchasing the bike, the motor has been “gone through” and is ready for test riding.  The goal is to keep the bike as authentic as possible for the trip, however, based on recommendations from previous riders, a few safety modifications will be made & “comfort” options included.  After experiencing a very exciting and challenging September, Rick & Janis will be ready to relax with their two dogs, Griffen & Sheldon, and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in early October!