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#115 Chris Parry

Chris Parry was born in Northern Rhodesia, which, shortly thereafter, gained its independence from Britain and became Zambia. He believes these two events may or may not be linked. His childhood automotive memories are inextricably linked with Land Rovers and step-through Hondas. After his family moved back to the UK, Chris bought a Yamaha FS1E 50cc moped at 16 and was promptly knocked off by a banker in a white Jaguar. But the stage was already set for an abiding interest in all things two wheeled. Bankers… not so much.

After moving to Texas, Chris joined the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA) – a club dedicated to the preservation and use of British and European classic and vintage motorcycles. Chris has served as the club’s Vice-President and President. He acquired a 1979 Bonneville and a 1978 step-through Honda. He also owns a couple of modern sport bikes.

Chris enjoys track days, and especially road trips around the US with his wife Monica, and his mates in the NTNOA – including Richard Asprey. Chris sees the opportunity to participate in the Motorcycle Cannonball as a Team Norton rider to be both hugely exciting and a bit unnerving. Either way, it will be a big one off his bucket list.

If you need to contact Chris, you can send him an email: