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#117 Todd Cameron

I’m enjoying the challenge of rebuilding # 117 1917 Harley JD in preparation for this years Cannonball event. This original paint JD which has been raced in the family since the 40’s is modified with era correct 74 cubic inch Recardo Cylinders. Being born into a family of motorcycle racing and collector enthusiasts, I am driven and honored to keep the family history alive by completing in the Cannonball this year.
I am a retired Mechanical Engineer, currently building a business renting recreational vehicles. In my spare time I race anything on two wheels or four wheels, from 450cc motocross and Supermoto bikes, 125cc shifter karts and endurance racing BMW’s in ChumpCar and 24 Hours of Lemons. Its always exciting racing my 2017 Yamaha R1 then flashing back 100 years to the no power and no brakes of the 1917 Harley JD.
My Grandfather, John Cameron, was a rugged hero known for his life long passion for back in the day Classic American Motorcycling. He purchased, restored and raced his reputable collection. Grandpa finished the challenge of the 1984 Great American Race on a 1926 Harley two-cam JDH and Flexi side car noted in may publications at that time.
My Dad, Dee Cameron, shared Grandpa’s passion as do I. Dad had intentions of riding the Cannonball challenge in anticipation of the 1917 HD reaching 100 yrs.
My Mom, having exposure to these motorcycle for 50+ years, approached me in 2016. To exercise my loyalty to family and motorcycles, she suggested we meet in 29 Palms to greet and cheer on the Cannonball cyclist that weekend. I was excited to be there as my Mom suspected and reminded me of my Dad’s dream. So here I am