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#118 Fred Wacker

My name is Fred Wacker, and I am looking forward to our second time participating in the Motorcycle Cannonball. As in 2016, Lucky 13 Racing is running my late father’s 1913 Hedstrom-powered Indian twin. Being around this motorcycle rekindles happy memories of my dad. He bought the bike in milk crates for loose change when I was 12 years old or so and I remember going to Iowa with him in our old Ford van to get it. I had some great times with my old man when it came to cycles, and that fun continues today. With a truly outstanding team of friends helping ready this 105 year old motorcycle to make its second cross country trip– chief mechanic and main man Joe Walano, machinist and engineer Frank Schiddel, engine builder John Schnittker– and with great family behind us, we are looking forward to another good cross country run with friends old and new!