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#119 Bert Miskell

Frederick, MD

1913 Harley-Davidson 9B

Bert Miskell will be riding his 1913 Harley Davidson in his third Motorcycle Cannonball. As a novice antique motorcycle owner and rider in the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball, he became an obsessed, enthusiast well before the finish line in Carlsbad. When preparing for and riding in 2016, he discovered a community of antique bike enthusiasts across the country from riders and collectors, to vendors and “wrenches”. The adventure, comradery and sheer enjoyment of seeing America up close and personal made running in 2018 an irresistible temptation that continues for the 2021 run.
Bert became a biker after purchasing a 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna. Along the way he purchased a 2000 Indian Chief, a 2007 Harley Road King with a side car (so his two grandsons can ride along) and several other bikes. He had no intention of buying an antique bike until he read an article in American Iron magazine about the Motorcycle Cannonball. Determined to ride in 2016, he found Trista, had her rebuilt and made race ready by Matt Walksler in less than 10 months. Bert started the run with only a few weeks riding experience on the 1915. After a few mistakes, extreme heat, torrential rain and a ride on the “bus of shame”, #119 made an acceptable showing.
Hoping to have the 1913 ready for 2018, Bert scoured the country for necessary parts across the country. Unforeseen events prevented completion of the ’13 so he turned to his 2016 entry, a 1915 Harley J. With minimal preparation, Bert and Trista finished the race missing only 65 miles due to a flat tire. The motor Matt Walksler built for 2016 went coast to coast twice without a hiccup and is still going strong!
Bert is searching the country (and in some cases beyond) to secure a few elusive parts still needed. Jake Reed, crew chief and mechanic on the 2016 Cannonball, is working feverishly to get the bike ready. Our excitement to get back on road grows as we mark off the days until the Cannonball 2021 start.
Team #119 learned a lot in the 2016 and ’18 runs and are chasing the elusive perfect score in 2021. More dedicated to the spirit of the Motorcycle Cannonball, Bert and his support team look forward to renewing friendships and facing the challenges of another epic trip.