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#120 Dave Minerva

When it was announced that the starting point of the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball was going to be Atlantic City, NJ. I knew if I was ever going to do it, this was going to be the year. It’s less than 40 miles from my home. I didn’t have a bike that I thought I could do it on so I bought a bike. Immediately after my friend and teammate Anthony bought a 1915 Harley. I was told that the bike I purchased was not a great choice so I located a 1916 Harley that was wrecked early in it’s life. It took the next 17 months getting the bike ready with the help of many friends. I still had concerns with less than a month to go but friends Steve Lippoldt and John Melniczuk helped me iron out my concerns. They assured me that the 1916 would be fine. These guys are the best at their profession.

I couldn’t believe how many supporters were on the boardwalk that hot and muggy morning. I was surrounded by my family and friends at the start. It has been stated that that day was one of the toughest days in the history of the event. I didn’t make it out of Atlantic City and tore my route chart. Less than 20 miles in I broke a chain and before crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge had to dodge the battery that came flying out of Anthony’s saddlebag. It soared to over 100 degrees that day! What a start!

The 2016 Cannonball was the hardest, most satisfying thing I ever attempted, and I can’t wait to start this new adventure with my Cannonball family!