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#125 Gary Montgomery

Sierra Vista, AZ

1927 Indian Big Chief

My name is Gary Montgomery and I will turn 77 years old during the 2020 Motorcycle Cannonball. My fascination with motorcycles started when I and some elementary school classmates would sneak off campus to go sit on some older students’ Harley Hummers that were parked in the back yard of a private residence. Next was an “old Indian” an uncle brought home one winter in the early fifties. We pushed that old bike up and down the gravel road in front of the house all winter long but it never fired once. Then in 9th grade a friend let me ride his Mustang. It had no brakes and only second gear but it moved under its own power providing the most thrilling experience of my life up to that point. In 1969 I bought my first Harley, a 63 FL panhead. In about 1973 I acquired my first Indian. I still have that bike, a 1940 Chief with an 86″ motor. Today, besides the 40 Chief, I have and ride a 29 101 Scout, a 40 Sport Scout, a 27 Big Chief and a 20 Power Plus.

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