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#130 Cole Deister

Camp Verde, AZ

1930 Harley Davidson V

I have been associated with the Cannonball since 2014 in various roles of support and staff, decided it time to enter one as a rider. Since I have 12 Harley VL’s the choice of bike was easy and will be riding a 1930 VL which I also rode in the 2022 motorcycle chase. I am currently living in Colorado but by the time the cannonball starts I will have relocated to Camp Verde Arizona so it will be a busy year which also makes the decision to ride the 30 vl easy. I don’t have time to prepare the 25 JD i thought about riding. Will be teamed up with Pat Patterson and Terry Richardson along with super crew members Chris Coos and my brother Bob Deister. We are all in it for the fun of riding cross country on back roads with great friends