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#18 Doug Feinsod

Watsonville, CA

1929 Henderson KJ

Located somewhere deep in the Pacific Coast Range of Northern California, rider number 18 is the owner of Santa Cruz Vintage Cycles and he keeps himself quite busy with the business of buying, selling and swapping old motorcycles. Doug is one of only three riders who have managed to experience the transcontinental adventures of each one of the five Motorcycle Cannonball endurance runs. He made the prior journeys on a 1915 Indian, twice on Four Cylinder Hendersons and once on a 103-year-old Thor machine manufactured by the Aurora Automatic Machinery Co. of Aurora, Illinois. Doug aligned himself with a group of other Thor wranglers who dubbed themselves the Thor Losers and the gaggle of guys careened themselves merrily along the back roads of America while tinkering to keep the bikes in the wind every day.

The 2018 Cannonball, Feinsod signed up to make the fifth iteration, proving out the depth of his serious addiction. Riding a 1928 Indian Four Cylinder and making all the miles while enjoying a fantastic ride from Portland to Portland.