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#191 Jeff Fredette

Beecher, IL

1927 Douglas EW350

I’m Jeff Fredette and have been riding motorcycles since about 10 years old. I’ve been racing them since i was 12 at local off-road events, and at 17 years old went out and tried my skills across the U.S.A. riding mostly enduros and then started riding for KTM, Suzuki and finally Kawasaki from 1983-2014 which through those years with the factory help racing in many different countries around the world competing in the I.S.D.T. at first then was changed to the I.S.D.E. in more recent times. I still attend the international events as support for the American team and really enjoy being able to do this with my son Eric as well. I have always thought of myself as pretty good at keeping things running having spent many hours in the garage first with my dad learning how things worked, and then on my own. I have entered the Motorcycle Chase each year they have had it and have had a blast meeting all the different riders again from all over the world and just can’t stay away from helping out with the bikes that have problems along the way. last years chase I volunteered to change all flat tires and think I had 8-9 luck riders that had flats and enjoyed changing everyone!! I am very much looking forward to doing the Cannonball this year with my local friend Dale VanDeursen which will be riding a 1928 Terrot. As you can see from the photos of my bike i have a few things to get ready. Seeya along the route in September!!