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#20 Denis Sharon

New Milford, CT

1916 Harley Davidson

What motorcyclist could resist the prospect of riding across America on back roads at 45mph on an antique motorcycle? Definitely, not this one! I was born on a motorcycle (maybe) and have had a helmet in one hand and wrench in the other ever since. My principle interest was vintage bikes and vintage road racing. Earlier antique machines had held no particular appeal for me. But curiosity about the Motorcycle Cannonball led me to take closer look and I quickly came to appreciate how very fascinating these machines are. Mechanical technology and innovation were advancing so quickly during the period – not unlike microprocessor technology is today – that working with these machines makes it seem like one is witnessing early 20th century mechanical evolution before your very eyes. It’s a great lesson in history. Fun too.

This will be our third Motorcycle Cannonball and we will again display number 20. We are looking forward to seeing old friends and no doubt making new ones. My wonderful wife/crew chief/director of logistic and parole officer Beau and our dog Marty were a wonderful support crew in the 2014 and 2016 events – Marty is a master of public relations – and we are excited to do it again just one more time. (Hmmm. I vaguely remember saying that before).

Our bike is a 1916 Harley Davidson Model F and, interestingly, is the only Harley Davidson I’ve ever ridden or worked on. It served me well in 2016, was a hoot to ride and has indeed earned my respect. Please stop by to say hello if you see us in the pits.. um, err… I mean hotel parking lots.

Denis, Beau & Marty
New Milford, CT