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#27 Pat Patterson

Castlerock, CO

1926 Harley-Davidson JD

Hello, I am Pat Patterson from Castle Rock, CO (also Hays, Kansas). My love of motorcycles started when I was young with mini bikes, evolving to enduros, street bikes, Harleys, and then all bikes. It wasn’t until 2008, when I bought a BMW 650 to ride through Europe, Asia and Russia. This is when I really got into long and challenging rides, and the real fun of motorcycling began. In 2012 Terry Richardson asked me to go up to Iowa to see the Kelly Modlin and Gerald Timms in the Cannonball. To which I replied, “what is that”? Then I would listen to his stories of vintage motorcycles and would stop by his shop and look at the old bikes he was building for the Cannonball,  and wonder why would anybody do that. Slowly, but surely I started to understand the addiction and challenge to riding vintage motorcycles. Then in 2014  he asked me if I would help out on the Cannonball by driving or riding in the support vehicle. At the end, I backed out, then for two years, I had to listen to his stories (embellishments)! In 2016 Chris Coss and I drove Terry’s support vehicle to verify his story telling and to enjoy being on the Cannonball. After the run, I told Terry I would drive for him again in 2018, to which he said  “you are riding in ’18”. So the Cannonball addiction takes over with the purchase of a 1926 JD. My brother Marty Patterson, Terry Richardson, Chris Coss and I went in together on building and riding in the 2018 Cannonball with my brother and I trading riding off every other day. It’s been a great experience and I have enjoyed the time on Cannonball, time building the bike, and everything that goes on between the ride. I look forward everyday to the 2020 Cannonball. The friendships and the fun that will be had. And lastly, a shout out to my brother Marty(co-rider in 18), who is currently a Cannonball prospect for 2020, and would like to become a Cannonball family member.