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#28 Richard Julian

Wilmington, DE

1930 Indian Chief

I have been riding motorcycles since 1966. Most of my bikes are antique Indians, but I have a collection European brands and 2 Harleys. I started riding on a Vespa 180SS in College. After 2 years in the US Army I graduated to a 250 Kawasaki 2 stroke. In 1977 I purchased a 1938 Indian 4 basket case which was restored by Elmer Lower in 2007. Since then my Indian collection has grown to 10 bikes. All my bikes have names: 1930 Chief Red Cloud,1928 Scout Little Cloud, 38-4 Kemosabe, 47 Chief Crazy Horse, and 53 Chief Thunderthud. I have completely rebuilt my 30 Chief and have ridden 500 endurance miles to shake out minor issues.